Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blooming Friday

Friday mornings are my special time with my littlest child Nevada and if its a lovely day we like to go to our local cafe
Palmbeach boathouse
It's a culinary and visual feast right on the wharf overlooking the glassy waters of pittwater
Today there was a feast of canary yellow tulips,the prettiest pinky green roses and tangy bright orange citrus fruit

We enjoyed a delicious mummy and baby sized soy hot chocolates on the wharf in the winter sunshine

My outfit today was a favourite rainbow "splattered"t shirt I bought from.   
At worn under a lace loose shell t and lilac jbrand skinny jeans

My favourite necklace combination at the moment is my glass beaded rainbow tassle necklace from boudior in Avalon and my gypsygirl name necklace 

Don't believe in magic you won't receive it either,age is an attitude❤

Inspired by all those beautiful blooms I discovered these little gems on perfect for summer garden party and festival headgear,I wrap one I bought in Byron bay around my favourite fedora hat,it adds a whimsical touch that I like

Speaking of whimsical look at this stunning archway for the wedding of Chanel muse and society princess Caroline Seiber
In Europe recently,Keeping with her Austrian roots down to the pageboys delightful bib n brace velvet lederhosen and her fairy tale puff sleeved Cinderella dreamy

The bridal party...

With love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x


bernadette salt said...

Wow so colourful just like you, a breath of fresh air,honest and in the moment. looking forward to more.

suzi poland said...

Love your abundant view of life. It all looks so good, but through your eyes, there's a little piece of magic that makes it super special. As you say no one is too old for fairy tales!

Gypsygirl said...

thankyou bernadette,I was very inspired to get back in my vege garden and grow my own produce after reading your blog, xx

Gypsygirl said...

thankyou suzi
im really enjoying this blog and class,i feel like im finally letting myself be true and im excited about where its all going to lead x