Friday, August 23, 2013

Vintage little miss

I was lucky enough to stumble across a salvation army store in Umina,NSW on the way home from an exhausting family camping trip, 
Feeling like I really couldn't summon the energy for the reptile park the kids wanted to visit on the long trip way home the salvo store appeared like a beacon of hope,
What surprises lurked inside?

When this little perfect lilac pressed linen suit jumped into my hands it was love at first sight!
from the ric-rac edged collar and pockets to the embroidered daisies on the collar,the attention to detail was superb
As I gingerly approached the counter thinking there must have been a mistake,
   my heart beating quickly,
Im sure it will fit Nevada,
its got too

yep, that's what it cost,
with a grin from ear to ear I couldn't wait to try it on the little miss,
and can you believe it fitted like a dream!!!

I love my vintage little miss 
and I'm very grateful to the amazing artist that made this little suit with so much love 
that we can now enjoy it today



My dress and coat are both vintage eBay and garage sale finds,boots are witchery from a few years ago
I think most of my clothes are vintage,the pieces that I really love and couldn't bear to part with
I love being able to share my love of clothing with my kids,
One of our favourite things to do is hit the op shop trail in the holidays,starting from home with $20 each they can buy what they want and it's good to listen to them 
Working it all out and prioritising
Nothing like the thrill of a bargain to generate some excitement !!
Love and rainbows
Gypsy girl x

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suzi poland said...

Gorgeous post Caleena, who doesn't love Op Shops! Lovely photos of you and your daughter.