Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spring has sprung

Can you feel it in the air?
The warm breeze on your skin,the scent of freshly cut grass when you go for a stroll,bright yellow wattle pompoms dancing from the trees and daisies popping their sunny heads up to greet you,phew summer is on it's way!


I'm not a huge fan of yellow in general but there is something to be said about the way it lifts your mood when you wear such a bright happy colour

" its impossible not to be sunny when your wearing yellow"


I have touches of it through my wardrobe and I like to mix it with blk,white,denim and grey marle
Skinny jeans,tassle earrings,a great lace shirt have all made it onto my favourites list and I find myself reaching for them when I need a mood booster
nothing pops more than yellow flowers in your hair.. 




Flowers are so inspiring in so many ways,I'm always looking for new ways to use them in my everyday

Flowery petal ice cubes and sugared pansies on cupcakes are just two new ideas that I will be trying out this summer

How will you bring more blooms into your life this spring?

So pop on a bit of yellow,or put some blossoms in your hair
Go on it will put a" spring" in your step(hehehe)

Love and rainbows,
Gypsy girl x

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Charlie's rainbow party

Charlie's rainbow party was a lot of fun,featuring an amazing rainbow streamer wall and a beautiful table laden with rainbow treats
There were jelly oranges,coloured jelly beans,pastel popcorn,cake stands brimming with individually iced cupcakes,mini hotdogs and every striped and spotted rainbow plate you could imagine....

Was so happy to see Hudson looking after his baby sister when the piñata was flying through the air ❤

There were budding fashionistas everywhere...



Charlie had special cuddles for her mum for organising such an awesome party 



And the grand finale...a multi tiered rainbow cake,so yummy

Thanks Charlie❤
My little crew and their mum had a great day at your party!
And rainbows are the best theme ever!!!

Love and rainbows
Gypsy girl x

Shells and leather

I've been experimenting with crocheting finely cut leather strips into necklaces and adding cowrie shell dangles
They make the softest,lightest necklaces,even when you wear a few stacked together,I can't choose my favourite colour so I will probably wear them altogether,great for summer!!

Available in fuschia,aqua,blk,nude and grape


So good worn multi layered...



"Catch a mermaid"rainbow bamboo mesh scarf with cowrie shell fringing



Rainbow bamboo multi scarf with gypsy fringing,strewn across the rock shelf at whale beach
There were so many beautiful rock formations it was hard to choose where to shoot,
but I just knew when I saw my old aboriginal friend that he was crying out to be adorned with a rainbow scarf..


Gypsy treasure fringe is a selection of found treasures and shells that I attach to the lacy outer-edging of the shawls 

Really enjoyed photographing my hand made beauties down at the beach,
It made for such a calm lovely day with my treasures and the sea!!!
I will be setting up a shop attached to my blog very soon 
Just busy with the night fairies making up some stock!!!!

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flower crowns


flower crown inspiration source; free people blog

Flower crowns have always been a treasured thing for me,
almost every special occasion in my life I have worn fresh flowers,
there is something so lovely about the soft perfume that wafts down around your face throughout the night like a fragrant mist,
it makes me feel so special and feminine

source ;audrey hepburn in a 'givenchy' flower bonnet

From elaborate architectural head pieces to simple tiny wreath crowns the variety of adornment is endless

My particular favourite right now is this sweet paper flower crown I picked up at Lennox markets,I have to fight my daughter for it all the time and I've found similar online here

A few other pretties online from asos and top shop below,but if you really want to experience the magic of a real flower crown, nothing beats fragrant fresh flowers,it is the ultimate indulgence

source; asos floral headband

source; asos flower headband

source; asos flowercrown

Magnificent flowers can illuminate your face in a flattering way,
People always smile at you when there are flowers in your hair 

Flowers will always be a source of beauty and inspiration for me,
Their textures,colours,fragrance and beauty enhance my life everyday

And I am always amazed by natures ability to make something so perfect and fragile also vibrant and varied
source; spell & the gypsy collective

love and rainbows,
gypsygirl x