Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mermaid crochet skirts

A mermaid tail......
I Had great fun hand crocheting Malia's mermaid skirt in a variety of blue yarns,and then photographing her on my favourite beach in Byron bay🌴

Both Malia and Nevada got into the theme and really enjoyed playing mermaids for the next few hours...

Beautiful shells were collected in an array of sandy and pinky tones,for plates and underwater delights🐠

We also made necklaces the day before using some rainbow twine I had brought with me,
and a collection of shells we had found on the beach earlier with tiny fairy holes pre drilled into them,
ready for stringing onto necklaces to wear with our cossies👙

The colours and the texture of the skirt really popped against the muted,cloudy day,
and Malia was pleased that the skirt kept her warm too

Crocheted with a variety of yarn thicknesses and different sized crochet hooks to achieve a textured holey effect

Finished with a dipped hem at the back and a raised hem at the front for ease of walking,with a drawstring waist added  for comfort

The little sea pixie she had for company in the form of Nevada moon pleased her so,
sometimes mermaids go for weeks at a time with no companions and it could be  very lonely at sea🌊

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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