Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shells and leather

I've been experimenting with crocheting finely cut leather strips into necklaces and adding cowrie shell dangles
They make the softest,lightest necklaces,even when you wear a few stacked together,I can't choose my favourite colour so I will probably wear them altogether,great for summer!!

Available in fuschia,aqua,blk,nude and grape


So good worn multi layered...



"Catch a mermaid"rainbow bamboo mesh scarf with cowrie shell fringing



Rainbow bamboo multi scarf with gypsy fringing,strewn across the rock shelf at whale beach
There were so many beautiful rock formations it was hard to choose where to shoot,
but I just knew when I saw my old aboriginal friend that he was crying out to be adorned with a rainbow scarf..


Gypsy treasure fringe is a selection of found treasures and shells that I attach to the lacy outer-edging of the shawls 

Really enjoyed photographing my hand made beauties down at the beach,
It made for such a calm lovely day with my treasures and the sea!!!
I will be setting up a shop attached to my blog very soon 
Just busy with the night fairies making up some stock!!!!

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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