Friday, August 23, 2013

Flower crowns


flower crown inspiration source; free people blog

Flower crowns have always been a treasured thing for me,
almost every special occasion in my life I have worn fresh flowers,
there is something so lovely about the soft perfume that wafts down around your face throughout the night like a fragrant mist,
it makes me feel so special and feminine

source ;audrey hepburn in a 'givenchy' flower bonnet

From elaborate architectural head pieces to simple tiny wreath crowns the variety of adornment is endless

My particular favourite right now is this sweet paper flower crown I picked up at Lennox markets,I have to fight my daughter for it all the time and I've found similar online here

A few other pretties online from asos and top shop below,but if you really want to experience the magic of a real flower crown, nothing beats fragrant fresh flowers,it is the ultimate indulgence

source; asos floral headband

source; asos flower headband

source; asos flowercrown

Magnificent flowers can illuminate your face in a flattering way,
People always smile at you when there are flowers in your hair 

Flowers will always be a source of beauty and inspiration for me,
Their textures,colours,fragrance and beauty enhance my life everyday

And I am always amazed by natures ability to make something so perfect and fragile also vibrant and varied
source; spell & the gypsy collective

love and rainbows,
gypsygirl x

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suzi poland said...

Beautiful Caleena, fresh flowers are so special any time of year. Thanks for reminding to wear them in my hair.