Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dyeing pretties

It's the little things in life that bring a smile to my face,
The sun on your face when its been hiding behind the rain,
the smell of the salty sea after a storm,
fresh fragrant spring blossoms,
 and a big belly laugh with friends,

Something else that makes me happy is the transformation of unloved forgotten doilies,

Rescued from the dusty depths of an opportunity store,washed,sorted and then dipped into a bath of vibrant colour transforming them into bright beauties awaiting a new life

A strange happiness I agree,
but you too would smile to see them dancing in the sunshine on my trusty clothesline,

And then the fun begins..
Piecing them together randomly,stitching as I go,
before my eyes these lace doilies transform into a new garment,so much prettier than I could have imagined when they were all an unattractive shade of 'greige'

I don't know what the real prize is?
The enjoyable process,the finished garment or the re-purposing of something old?

Either way,they all put a smile on my dial
love and rainbows,
gypsy girl x

1 comment:

suzi poland said...

Caleena, you are so creative, I love the colours you have chosen and the love that goes in. Your writing is so beautiful. :)