Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flannel Flower fairy forests

Strolling through the local bush today,
I chanced upon this awesome flannel flower carpet under magnificent spooky gum trees
I love flannel flowers,
they only come out in spring and they fill the bush with their soft grey green foliage and delicate super soft creamy flowers 

To discover a whole forest of them was very special and my camera doesn't really capture their delicate beauty

Not a bad location to grow up,flannel flowers have good taste!

One of my favourite Australian artists also loved being inspired by Aussie bush flowers,
May Gibbs spent her adult life writing whimsical fairy stories about the creatures of the bush,
Snugglepot and cuddlepie,ragged blossom and the banksia men were all part of our childhood,
filling our minds with imagination of the fairyfolk who lived in our bush land,
Including our flannel flower babies
(Who bring love)according to May,

It's easy to see why May was so inspired by our unique bush land,I am too,
the colours,textures and uniqueness all make it a pretty special place to be...

Sadly as I write this post a lot of our bush land is on fire both north and south of sydney,
We recently had our own fire locally,
when the palm beach lighthouse national park burnt extensively,
as we all watched  helicopters water bomb the headland to save the lighthouse and houses,it was both exciting and devastating to watch

This is the nature of the land,to burn,regenerate and flourish once more,sadly us humans get in the way and that means some of our possessions and lives are destroyed along the way
I hope everyone is ok and the bush bounces back to its lush beauty again soon

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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