Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Charlie's rainbow party

Charlie's rainbow party was a lot of fun,featuring an amazing rainbow streamer wall and a beautiful table laden with rainbow treats
There were jelly oranges,coloured jelly beans,pastel popcorn,cake stands brimming with individually iced cupcakes,mini hotdogs and every striped and spotted rainbow plate you could imagine....

Was so happy to see Hudson looking after his baby sister when the piñata was flying through the air ❤

There were budding fashionistas everywhere...



Charlie had special cuddles for her mum for organising such an awesome party 



And the grand finale...a multi tiered rainbow cake,so yummy

Thanks Charlie❤
My little crew and their mum had a great day at your party!
And rainbows are the best theme ever!!!

Love and rainbows
Gypsy girl x


Kim Elliott said...

Wow I love this party theme wow what a great cake!!!

Gypsygirl said...

Thanks Kim,it was heaps of fun,nice to enjoy and not have to organise!

suzi poland said...

Wow you captured the vibe of the party so well. How good does that cake look and all those balloons!

Mystic Lipstick said...

Love the cake! You really have a nice blog, ¿Do you want to follow each other?
Im starting to post assiduously and I would love to know your opinion, this is mine:

Best regards,

Gypsygirl said...

Hi ana
Thanks for looking,I looked you up too and I liked what I saw,I like seeing what influences other creative souls 😊