Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's time to yarn bomb...

I've started on a new secret project just for fun,
For years I've secretly wanted to "art" bomb my local area with murals of fairies and mermaids on electricity boxes,

cover poles  and trees with rainbow coloured yarn and leave random fairy gardens in local parks for kids to discover,

just to make my local environment a more magical place in general
Well no more procrastinating!
I've made the decision to do just that this summer!!very excited!!!

First project:
Crochet pole covers for prominent street signs in the area (and I think the community centres front steps pole is looking particularly enticing)

Here are some great examples from a festival in England called "yarn dale"
I love the idea of dressing everyday objects with new brightly coloured clothes of rainbow crochet

How could anyone not have a smile on their face after stumbling across a tree  wrapped in colourful wool?or park their bike in a rainbow bike rack?

So I need to get busy!
crocheting skinny pole covers!!!
Watch this space for updates of my crafty crimes!!!

Love and rainbows,
Gypsy girl x

1 comment:

suzi poland said...

Caleena, what a great idea. Love all the examples you've shown here. So colourful!