Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Draw me an outfit

Something I've done since I was a little girl is draw my favourite outfits so I know what to wear,
especially for a special occasion

Dorky I know,however I am a Libran 
and therefore very indecisive!!
so if I draw out my clothes and visualise myself dressed,it makes for a calm morning amid the chaos of 4 little ones :)


I like to write myself little notes and draw the accessories too,
I love clothes and how they change my mood and confidence,so it's worthwhile making the effort to feel good about myself and the clothes I choose to wear


The weather plays a huge part in my decision making,Nothing worse than being cold! It makes me miserable.

These are a few pictures from my journal of some outfits I enjoyed putting together
I hope you enjoy looking at them


This doily lace skirt that I drew in this picture was then used on a photo shoot as a dress,
I love that people interpret  my clothes so differently,
it's refreshing to see things from another 
Persons point of view

I also love to layout all the pieces before the event,just to make sure it all works together...I wish I was that organized with the rest of my life,

I guess it shows that clothes are my passion and expressing myself either through what I wear or what I draw,
fashion influences me every day ❤️

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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