Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dreaming of white lace

Don't you love the way lace casts beautifully patterned shadows across the ground when the sun shines through it
White lace is one of my favourite things,it always looks fresh and feminine,

From a casual outfit of a lace shirt with jeans through to an elaborate layered wedding dress,lace is so versatile and beautiful

This is the beginnings of my first gypsy style of sample wedding dresses I'm putting together,

This one is pieced together doilies and linen,all in white with a low v shaped back and cowrie shell accents
She is starting to look very pretty,I can't wait to photograph her when she's done

I'm going to put together a series of bridal styles all with a whimsical gypsy look to them,
for those brides that want a beautiful soft dress to get married in 
designed for either a lush garden or a windswept beach rather than a formal church or reception
And as shells and flowers have a huge influence on my work I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of those too

It's funny how life turns full circle on you sometimes,it's almost 10 years to the day that my partner and I sold our bridal couture business in paddington and here I am dreaming up wedding dresses again!!

Have a lovely day and smell the spring blossoms that are in full bloom
Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

Photos courtesy of;
tulla,art filles,running on happiness,spell and the gypsy and me! 

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