Friday, September 13, 2013

Gypsy patchwork vests for the little people

          Gypsy leather patchwork vests

What to wear over all those pretty Lace dresses and sheer layers when the weather is in that delicious stage of long sunny days and cool nights?

That is always a dilemma for me

I love soft cotton and cashmere cardigans and as another layer I love to throw on a leather and suede vest

I have a few of them now of mixed colours and textures,and I've been making up some new ones for my kids with some great off cuts I found at NSW leather in Waterloo,sydney

Layering dyed shearling with soft leather or suede and then over embellishing with a variety of studs,leather hand cut feathers,interesting beads and shells,
the occasional doily gets attached too!!

They make for a great little funky addition to layer year round with all your basics

The blue/black is a tougher boys edition,at first I thought only my girls would be keen but I was wrong!!
The boys want one too!

This very colourful vest also features bamboo crochet as a finish on the sides and neckline,something I'm starting to do a lot more of
These are the kids editions but I'm working on a group of adult versions now as well as a similar patchwork /embellished style of hip belt
All will be revealed ASAP,
I feel like I'm starting to get a range of my things together that really forms a story of what my style is,and that means a smile is dancing on my face when I look into my little studio at the end of a creating session!

An inspirational image to leave you with,I'd love to be able to grow rainbow dandelions!!

Love and rainbows
Gypsy girl x

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