Sunday, September 8, 2013

A magical day at Avalon fete

Avalon school fete  comes around every 2 years,early in springtime when the sunshine is starting to emerge from its wintery resting place
I am instantly transformed back to my childhood when I walk through those school gates,
into a magical world of sticky toffees,glittery face paint,chocolate wheels and the smell of baby farm animals in the petting zoo

This years fete didn't dissapoint me in anyway, as those childhood memories often do,never quite living up to your magical youth
Well not today!!

I began my day doing time on the haunted house stall selling scary eyeball  and sour worm jellies to frightened little children
(I had to give a few away,as some of the little ones were truly petrified by year 6 efforts to truly scare them!!!)

Nevada made new friends with a resident green alien man that kept me company on the stall(he didn't scare her at all!!)

When my time was done we moved onto some pleasurable stalls,rainbow face painting,tie dyeing t shirts and crazy pet rock making..

However the highlight of my day was seeing my little ones enjoying the baby animals and pony rides,we spent most of the afternoon here

Nevada sat with this baby chicken for well over an hour,singing it little songs 🎵 too sweet!!

I had the best day with my munchkins at the school fete,
A truly magical day🌈
Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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