Thursday, October 31, 2013

Glittery vampires and sugar skulls

Oh hallowe'ening we shall go,,,
Dressed in our trick or treating outfits,with a fair dose of ghoulish face make up,we hit the streets of Avalon to try our luck on the treat factor.. 

Hudson made for a very handsome Dracula,topped with a golden glittery top hat and a ball and chain

Malia was a sugar skull from mexicos day of the dead celebrations
Complete with neon orange feather and spider headband

Nevada moon was also a baby sugar skull,in a festive red flamenco suit
And guess what so was I!! 
A sugar skull that is!!
complete with an embroidered Mexican dress,and my red leather jkt for when it got nippy later 

It was funny watching other adults reactions to me!
Some smiled,some encouraged me
And some looked at me like I was a complete nutcase!!
From house to house we wandered,collecting lollies and treats and running into friends along the way
Occasionally catching glimpses of Levi and his friends,dressed in crazy galaxy print tights and a Dalmatian fur coat with a bare chest,he was having a ball but decided this year he was too big to hang with us(sad but true)

Hudson had to do a naughty pee break but no one was wiser as his cape was a great disguise!!!

Nevada had the best idea,cruising in her pram!

Some houses went to a lot of effort :)!!!
There was blood bath stations(raspberry cordial),
find your lollies in the worms(lollies buried in cold wet spaghetti)
And flesh eating booths(hot dogs on rolls)
All helped add to the magic of the night

Spider webs in trees,hanging ghost and skull lights,cackling witches on broomsticks and bloody psycho doctors and nurses were all out in force as our pillowslips filled with junk!!!

As the light began to fade...
The excitement got too much for my littlest sugar skull
Tired and exhausted we headed for a friends house to devour a pizza and then home to divvy up the loot
And what a lot of loot there was!!! 

I love halloween❤️
Not for the lollies and junk the kids collect(although I'm sure that's their favourite part)
I love the spirit in the air,the excitement,the dress ups and the sense of community but most of all
I Love Magic!!!!
And Halloween definantly has magic in the air💀💀💀🌟
Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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