Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday adventures

Tuesdays are a day I love,
I get to spend the entire day just hanging out with my two littlest babes,
Hudson banjo and Nevada moon

We usually potter around the garden in the morning or do some painting /craft but I do try to get out of our environment and go somewhere with them for a few hours(I often feel that having four kids it's hard to give them all individual attention)

So we go into the big smoke for the day,or a picnic in a park we haven't been to before,nature walks through the bush and visits to the nursery to buy fresh seedlings and goldfish are all really exciting to a 5 and 3 year old but not so much for my 10 and 12 year old

This Tuesday,
The air was thick with smoke from the fading bush fires,
And we had to stay local for appointments,so we headed up to boathouse for a hot choccie and a yummy plate of breakfast treats

Once again,the produce as you walk into boathouse is truly breathtaking,
Buckets of heavenly exotic blooms and overflowing baskets of fruit make for a tantalising display,and that's before you even get to the view!!'

And the view keeps the kids amused watching the boats and sea planes come and go,and when your tired of that,look through the decking gaps to see fishies down below

On a post brekkie beach comb 
we were lucky enough to find a whole cluster of washed up blue bottles,
this one in particular had made friends with a lady beetle (see photo) and it made me wonder if the lady beetle knew what a blue bottle was?as it was a creature from the underwater world??

There was also a lot of exhausted looking mutton Birds that had flown for too long,or too far and were dying on the beach,too tired to move
sad,but natures way.

Luckily the smokey haze kept a lot of people away,
so the kids were able to scooter along the road to their hearts content,
And they did too.

It was a beautiful morning with my little people!
Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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