Friday, October 11, 2013

Yarn bomb avalon

Remember I told you a few weeks ago that I had a secret desire to yarn bomb and mural my local village Avalon?
It's  such an arty creative area full of very talented people but our town doesn't reflect this and needs a love injection of the creative kind

Well my blog made its way to Katherine,
president of the chamber of commerce in Avalon and after meeting with me,was very enthusiastic and supportive of the idea..yipee!!!

How awesome!!i still want to yarn bomb at night for the surprise element however it's a relief to know I won't be arrested for graffiti or vandalism if I inflict my love on lonely poles and buildings so that they can shine

Here are the sketches I presented Catherine with;

All of these had itemised descriptive drawings also,so that my paintings made sense,so now it's time to crochet my creations

So grab your hook and get crocheting or knitting for me,I'm really going to need a lot of help!!!
Or be inspired to yarn bomb yourself,it can only add a bit of cheer and a smile for passers by,
lookout for a photo update when my first bomb is complete!!!

So get ready Avalon!!
Your about to be yarn bombed!!! 
Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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