Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spring into a very hot summer!

Well I am a lizard always have been!
That doesn't mean I'm always baking in the sun,not at all
more that I love this feeling of the warm air and gentle rays on my skin
Summer is my favourite time of year and this year spring has turned to summer early,it's been really hot!!!

Searing hot days and nights tipping over 36 means that I'm not wearing much that touches my body,lots of long silk caftans and lacy shorts

summer flowers that are in bloom continue to dazzle me with their beauty and scent,filling my house with happiness❤️
These gorgeous roses were only $12 for 3 bunches and they smell divine too

My Bougainville is in full bloom too at the front of our house,
bringing a smile to my face every time I walk under those vibrant blossoms

And my magnificent moonflower growing feverishley over the studio is back to its full glory spiralling perfect white blooms  across its surface as the sun goes down at night,
I read somewhere that moonflowers are white and large so a certain type of moth can see it in the moonlight to pollinate the blossom ,
I like it romantic and useful!!

And I thought I'd include some photos of my studio to show you where I work
I love this little place❤️it houses all my treasures and I can easily lose myself for hours making things or painting
The space has a great energy

I've been slowly putting together a collection of things I enjoy making,
For my label gypsygirl 
Long lace doily skirts,patchwork leather and fur embellished vests and belts,crocheted shell necklaces,plaited and hand painted jersey and silk t's and dresses

I love this saying,
it reminds me that imperfection is the reason magic happens,
we have to seek out the flaws to find the beauty in life
And when it's just too hot to do anything else,pack up your yarn and a hook,your cossie and head for the ocean!!!

At the end of the day there is nothing I love more than to crochet some rainbow tags whilst sitting on my big patchwork blanket at the beach
Looking for cracks in the sky where the sunlight pokes through,
As a little girl I always thought the sun's rays were a shining path straight to heaven to show the way for people that had passed
(a bit ghoulish for a little girl,I know),
and I often lie on my back looking up at the sky for the rays of light that burst through the clouds,

hoping that the warmth we feel from the sun here on earth 
travels all the way back to heaven
(A bit like my favourite saying to my kids that "I love you to the moon and back again,")

Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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