Friday, November 15, 2013

Avalon bombed....with yarn!!

It's begun
My secret project that has turned into a not so secret project has officially launched,
the bomb has dropped,

First avalon yarn bomb=avalon bus stop

While it is still a work in progress 
the creative juices have been flowing and here is stage one of my first official yarn bomb

Rainbow crocheted stripes with added flowers adorned the bus timetable pole,traffic signs and an ugly cyclone fence,
Pompon bunting swagged from the bus shelter roof,
pastel knitted granny squares made a comfy seat on the cold metal bench and my vision of rainbow bus shelter poles had to be adjusted,as the bus advertisements didn't allow access,
so I did what I could and added a rainbow to the nearby fencing

Using the French knitting I was able to write the words "welcome to avalon" along the fence

And all surrounding poles have been yarn bombed with rainbows,
and the fence posts have rainbow covers with contrast drawstrings 

This very long vine worked well in beautifying the ugly old fence
I also added flowers in red and pink that really popped against this greeny colour

My vision .

It's finally starting to look good,colourful and happy,
and by the number of honks and "well done "comments 
people yelled from their cars,
I think it's going to bring a lot of smiles  and happiness to the people of Avalon,and visitors over summer
 which was exactly what I'd hoped for

I still have quite a lot more to add,
a rainbow and some large flowers to start with,
and I'm trying to get it all done for market day this Saturday here in Avalon
So after school drop off, its time to keep yarn bombing!!! 
My hands are itching to do some more..
Love and rainbows,
Gypsy girl x

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suzi poland said...

Wonderful to see Caleena, well done for doing this, you are a courageous and generous and I hope it brings a rainbow of smiles to Avalon, certainly does to me.