Sunday, November 17, 2013

Polish paper chandeliers

Inspired by beautiful images of petaki's from around the world I enrolled with a girlfriend to do a one day course @the @Megan Morton

It was a great day learning a new skill,drinking herbal teas and munching on homemade brownies and lamingtons

step 1:
was making flowers,
 concertina  folding  4 layers of  paper and tieing in a bow in the middle,
you need 16 flowers altogether


was covering our metal ring with crepe paper and tieing 8  strings evenly around the outside of the ring

It didn't take long for our table to look like colourful chaos!!

Everyone's flowers were so beautiful,I loved them all. 

Step 3:

When all the flowers had been made we
Strung up the 8 strings with cut straws and mini concertina folded paper bows,tied them together and attached a ring for hanging,

Step 4:
After this we hung the mobiles from giant hooks on racks 
and attached the final layer of hanging flowers and straws around the base

The final step was hot glue gunning the remaining flowers on all the joins around the circumference

I was really happy with my finished pataki,
the gelato colours suit my house 
and it was a happy fun item to make
 and I loved doing the class with my lovely girlfriend Libby,
it just made the day even more fun 😊


Love and rainbows,
Gypsygirl x

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