Friday, July 26, 2013

dreaming of a gypsy

So I decided what I really needed to do was to blog not about one specific subject,because I love and am very passionate about lots of things 
I needed the freedom to jump from playdoh with the kids to delicate lace dresses with my work.
And I needed my blog to reflect that
Fashion and illustrations are  still my passion but so are school projects and being a mum
Gypsygirlstyle because a lot of people refer to me as a bit of a hippy or a gypsygirl so I guess that is my style
It just feels right..
This is going to be my online journal of things I'm doing in my life with both my family and my work/creative pursuits
I hope you enjoy..
        To float amongst the flowers in a warm pool would be 
        So so nice right now....                

I've been doing a lot of illustrations in my ambition to draw my ultimate gypsygirl for my banner and swing tags 
I want her hip,groovy  but soft and dreamy too
these are a few examples using watercolour and blk ink...

my daughters and their friends early sunday morning,forget sleepins!!!
however I am really pleased I had my camera ready to capture the moment..too sweet

What I tell the people I love as much as I can,
and where I'd love to be right now....

What I've been wearing..

Every morning Ive been reaching for the warmest pants I can find which usually equals jeans!!
I'm glad I recently purchased a few new fun pairs to breakup all the dark winter clothes,
am loving these cotton on star jeans that were a steal in a recent sale

love my crystal tassle necklaces,
I wear them so much to jazz up something plain

worn with a beloved equipment silk ikat blouse
 and a jacaranda cashmere cardigan my stylish mum picked me up in scotland,
thanks mum x

and my boots,they were the best purchase of winter,
all leather,super comfy,glorious colour,made in italy,label is beaucoops and i bought them locally at Di Van Oui at Newport on the northern beaches

"if she's amazing,she won't be easy.If she's easy,she wont' be amazing.If she's worth it,you won't give up.If you give up,you're not worthy...Truth is,everybody is going to hurt you;you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." ...Bob Marley

sometimes all I want to do is find a sunny patch of grass and curl up and have a siesta with the warm sun on my face,the reality of having many small children is there is usually one crawling on top of me...this gypsy lady looks so content :)

Love Caleena x


Nic said...

Hey Caleena, I loved looking through all your ideas on this page. The colors are fantastic, particularly as I really like anything ethnic. I loved your first gypsy illustration. Looking forward to seeing more about your unique style. Nic

Gypsygirl said...

Thanks nic for taking the time to stop by,I look forward to following everyone's blogs and watching everyone's style develop :)