Thursday, March 13, 2014

Avalon Yarn bomb strike two....

After the first round of yarn bombing
(Avalon beach bus stop,on the Eve of market day),
I was thrilled with the responses people had to the bomb,
people would tell me openly on the street and through social media how it brought a smile to their face and please continue....

I soon realised I needed help to achieve the vision and gingerly approached the northern beaches knitters guild at monavale library,
This group of talented women were already in on the yarn bombing experience,
In fact they had already done Manly corso in pink for breast cancer awareness and were embarking on a group of Christmas trees at monavale,
Question was would they be keen on helping avalons bombing???

here are the results,
after walking the streets with the charismatic Pennie,we talked about different ideas to implement in the new year....

Whooa these ladies work fast!!
I'm  not yet finished my part of the installment,
These ladies are knitting dynamos!!!!
in my defense I do have four children,
an absent husband and a busy start to the school year with 3 of the 4 starting new schools and stages In their lives too
Not making excuses but this stuff takes serious TIME!!

So thrilled to see the ladies work ❤️
from the banded palm trees to the hanging ice creams,huge rainbow wrapped trees and socks for the bike racks too,so well done and uplifting🌸

So thankyou Pennie and the girls for adding their touch of magic to avalon✨
I promise I will complete mine soon!!!!

If you have enjoyed the crafty goodness that's taking place in our little village,embrace it,
and protect it from vandals,

Sadly the bus stop has been all but destroyed over the holiday break,
That's fine we will just keep on keeping on,
vandals don't win,
they can take our yarn but not our spirit!!!!

Nevadas favourite is the gelato shops ice cream sweet
Love and rainbows
Gypsygirl x

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